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JACOB LAW is the leading law firm in Germany on Canadian law. The firm, formerly Jacob Associates, was founded in 1996 as the first law firm in Germany to combine in-depth knowledge and experience in German law with expertise in Canadian and English law. Our signature characteristic is to build a bridge between the German and Anglo-Canadian legal systems.

We focus on advising companies from Canada and the U.S. as well as private clients with business interests in Germany and German companies with business interests in Canada and the U.S.

Our strength is in building effective teams to solve complex cross-border legal issues through innovative thinking communicated clearly. As experts on German legal issues commonly faced by North American companies doing business in Germany, we can advise you on day-to-day problems faced in an international business environment and how to solve them.

As a result of our network of German accountants and notaries and our considerable experience in German business law, we can assist you in successfully setting up business in Germany, whether through a German start-up operation or a merger with an existing German company. We are regularly before the German courts for our clients in a range of business law matters. As a result, we can also provide advice on German litigation matters to assist you or your subsidiaries in launching legal proceedings before the German courts or in defending them based on the law of German civil procedure which is very different from American or Canadian court proceedings.

In addition, we regularly incorporate subsidiaries in Germany for our clients as well as assisting with acquisition of investment interests. We offer company management services, extending to tax filings and regular corporate reporting in English. Part of our service extends to drafting and advising on German employment law contracts and effective representation in the German labor courts in connection with notice of termination, unfair dismissal and settlement negotiations.

We have also gained significant experience in handling international estate claims and winding up estates for nationals from England, Canada or the U.S. or German nationals holding property in these countries. Our service in estate matters extends to obtaining certificates of inheritance or probate before the courts and ensuring the effective transfer of real estate, stocks and bonds, money in German banks and pension entitlements.

We also advise foreign nationals on German immigration and residency requirements in connection with plans to set up business in Germany.

When it comes to economic disputes between adverse business interests, we offer experience in and knowledge of German business mediation, a voluntary but effective alternative dispute resolution mechanism in cross-border business disputes involving German and foreign interests.

All of our legal services are offered in English and German. We can provide translation services for our clients as well as English-language deeds, certificates, official court transcripts, contracts, and other legal documents.