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Contact Questionnaire

Do you have a matter that we can solve for you?  We are happy to take care of it!

In order to understand your matter better, we propose the following:

→ Please download the questionnaire form here
→ You can fill out the registration form directly on the screen or print and fill it out by hand
→ Please print out the form and sign it
→ Send it back to us by email (scan), post, or fax


What's next?

An initial consultation has a usual scope of up to 1.5 hours and consists of:
→ preparatory research by us
→ a personal consultation
→ a short, written statement, which we will send you promptly after the consultation

These results provide you with a reliable basis for making a decision about what to do next. The quality and usability of the results depend crucially on the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide us with.

The personal consultation can take place either in our office, by video conference or by telephone, in each case by appointment.


What does an initial consultation cost?

According to the Lawyers' Fees Act (RVG), it is not possible for us to provide free legal advice. For an initial consultation, we calculate:

(Initial Consultation Advice: €250.00+flat fee for disbursements: €20.00)+19% VAT= € 321.30

The invoice must be paid before the personal consultation takes place.

If necessary, you can submit the invoice for the initial consultation to your legal expenses insurer.





In addition to a personal meeting or telephone call, we also can offer you a consultation using:

- Telefon
- zoom
- Skype
- Skype for Business
- MS-Teams


We accept: