German employment law

Every jurisdiction in Germany has its own labour court before which only German employment law cases are heard. This is because, in Germany, both employers and employees have defined rights and obligations including, for example, specific termination periods depending on length of employment, specific leave periods in the event of illness, specific working hours to be kept, specific working standards to be met and defined rights to receive compensation in the event of termination of employment. Foreign companies operating in Germany must understand that German law will apply to all aspects of an employment relationship with an employee working in Germany.

We have more than 25 years of experience in dealing with cross-border employment matters. We are specialized in drafting German form employment agreements and termination contracts and can advise North American companies on a broad range of employment issues. We regularly appear before the labour law courts in German cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. As such, we can effectively advise on wrongful termination of employment, appropriate settlement parameters and are effective negotiators. We represent both corporate clients and individual employees and, as such, can advise effectively from both perspectives in cases of unfair dismissal, termination for business reasons and transfers of employment in connection with corporate mergers.

If you require assistance in drafting employment agreements based on German employment law or in understanding your obligations to employees in Germany, we would be pleased to assist you with our expertise and experience.

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